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Recycle all applicable material.
Follow the statutory regulations for disposing of the product and packaging.

access point (AP)

A host device that enables communication between wired and wireless parts of a network. Access points typically use specific network standards. Also known as a gateway. Required to connect RFL100-series data loggers to viewLinc.

Acknowledge Alarms permission

A permission level which allows a group to view Locations and acknowledge Location alarms.


User response to an alarm event.

Administrators group

Members of the Administrator's Group have all rights, plus extra system-level rights which allow them to: undo Remote-lock on DL data loggers; restart viewLinc; test network communications; acknowledge inactive alarms; acknowledge system alarms; correct security status; add users to the Administrator group; edit user profiles of Administrators group members

alarm condition

Environmental state which initiates an alarm event.

alarm event

A record of an alarm condition.

alarm notification template

Defines who is notified, when and how. Can be applied to a Location using a threshold template, or a device using a device alarm template.

Alarm off margin

Also known as deadband. An active alarm will not turn off if conditions fluctuate within set margin.

Alarm Templates window

Window used to create threshold, device, and notification alarm templates; Define content for email and SMS alarm messages; Create schedules.

Alarms window

Window used to monitor active alarms.

ANSI characters

Keyboard characters for all supported European languages. See

audit trail

continuous record of all changes made to a device or the viewLinc system. The viewLinc audit trail is recorded in the Event Log.


The process of checking and correcting the reading of any instrument giving measurements.


A device data transmission path. A device may have more than one channel available.


Location which resides within a Zone, or a sub-zone that resides within a Zone.

Communication alarm

Notification that there is a problem with the transfer of data.

Configuration alarm

Notification of an internal system error.

Configure Alarms permission

A permission level which allows a group to view Locations, acknowledge Location alarms, and add or modify Location threshold alarms.

continuous monitoring

Unbroken record of environmental surveillance.


An image file that provides a visual reference to a physical space being monitored.


Alarm off margin. An active alarm will not turn off if conditions fluctuate within the set margin.


Data collection hardware connected to your network (data loggers, transmitters).

device hosts

Additional servers running viewLinc device host software. Allows for easier management of connected devices and greater network stability.


When data logger time gradually deviates from viewLinc server time.

Enterprise Server

Required Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system software.

Events window

Window used to record all system activities. Functions include: add comments about events, generate reports on specific event periods.


When Location conditions exceed or deviate outside specified threshold limits.

Full Control permission

A permission level which allows a group to view Locations, acknowledge Location alarms, configure Location threshold alarms, and modify or delete Zones and Locations.


To automatically grant a permission level assigned to a top-level folder to its sub-zones or Locations.


Installation Qualification / Operation Qualification protocol document used for system validation.

IT network manager

The person responsible for maintaining your network, including connected software and hardware.


A viewLinc data collection point, such as a freezer or storage shelf, connected to a device channel that is part of the Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System.

Location alarm

Notification that a threshold level has been exceeded or communication problem has occured at point of data collection.


Predefined text strings you can add to custom email, SMS and voice alarm notification message templates.

Manage Alarm Templates

A right assigned to a group to allow configuration of alarm templates (for threshold alarms, device alarms, alarm notifications, and notification content).

Manage Devices

A right assigned to a group to allow addition or removal of devices, configure and edit device settings.

Manage Events

A right assigned to a group to allow addition of custom events, add comments to events, print and export event details.

Manage Reports

A right assigned to a group to allow addition and configuration of reports created by others (all users can add, edit and delete their own reports).

Manage Sites

A right assigned to a group to allow addition or modification of Zones and Locations, add threshold alarms, permissions, and schedules.

Manage System

A right assigned to a group to allow configuration of all system preferences, add users and groups, add schedules and predefined comments.

Manage Views

A right assigned to a group to create new views, add or rename Zones, define accesss permissions for Zones, add dashboard images, share and manage trends.

MKT Activation Energy

Mean Kinetic Temperature

Overview window

Window used to display user-defined and shared views, specific collections of Zones and Locations. Set a default view to open automatically at login, generate view-specific reports and trends.


Zone which includes sub-zones or Locations


An access level which allows groups to view, configure or manage specific Locations and Zones.


Personal Identification Number


Power over Ethernet. Allows one cable to provide both data and electrical power to devices such as wireless access points. Benefits of PoE include longer cable lengths and elimination of the need for nearby power outlets.

real-time data

viewLinc collects real-time data from devices more frequently than a device's set sample rate (usually in 10 second intervals).

report owner

Individual who created a report.

Reports window

Generate and create reports; download user-generated and shared reports.


VaiNet wireless data logger.


Rights allow group access to viewLinc windows and additional window functions. All users have Manage Views right, which allows access to the basic functions in Overview, Sites, Reports, Alarms, Views Manager, and Events windows. Permissions must be granted for groups to see and perform functions on Zones and Locations in these windows.


Rate of Change. Measures the amount of variation within one (1) minute. For example, you may want to know how quickly the temperature in a refrigerator rises when the door is opened.


One (1) recorded and time-stamped data logger measurement.

sampling rate

Frequency of samples recorded over time.


Term used to refer to a collection of Zones and Locations.

Sites Manager window

Window used to manage Zones, Locations, devices, and hosts. Functions include: Manage hosts and devices, create Zones and Locations, configure permissions, set Location threshold and notification settings, load dashboard images.

Sites window

Windows used to display Zones and Locations a group is permitted to view. Functions include: pause alarming, generate quick reports, monitor conditions on the dashboard, build trends.

System alarm

Notification when viewLinc detects changes made outside standard viewLinc operation (such as possible database tampering).

System Preferences window

Define global settings, such as: system language, enable remote acknowledgement, set up audible alarming, enable use of schedules, set device default settings, enable comments.


A level that when exceeded, initiates a threshold alarm.

Threshold alarm

Notification that a threshold level has been exceeded.


Transport Layer Security (formerly Secure Sockets Layer). Communications protocol used to secure communications between network servers and web browsers.

VaiNet devices

Vaisala wireless communication devices that use LoRa technology.

Validation alarm

Notification when a problem with data collection is detected.


User- or group-specific collection of Locations. Created in Views Manager, available in the Overview window.

View permission

A permission level which allows a group to view Locations, acknowledge Location alarms, configure Location threshold alarms, and modify or delete Zones and Locations.


Configuration software shipped with DL data loggers (prior to viewLinc 5).

Wrap when full

This setting ensures a device will continue to record data, overwriting the earliest recorded data with new history when it reaches capacity. No interruption in data recording.


A collection of Locations being monitored. Zones can be divided into sub-zones.