Editing Channel Properties - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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Manage Devices

To easily identify a specific channel in viewLinc, you can edit a channel's description, alias, and preferred temperature units, if applicable.

Depending on the device you use, different properties can be modified in viewLinc. Refer to the specific device user's guide for more information.
  1. In Sites Manager select the Hosts and Devices tab.
  2. On the Hosts and Devices tree, select a device channel to edit.
  3. Select Manage > Edit Properties.
  4. In the Edit Channel Properties window, modify the fields as required.
    Channel alias
    Optional. Type a longer, more detailed channel description (up to 64 alphanumeric ASCII characters, less if using UNICODE characters). The alias is displayed in viewLinc and in reports instead of the description, if the option to use channel aliases is set up in System Preferences.
    Channel description
    (DL and HMT140 series data loggers) Type a short channel description (up to 16 alpha-numeric characters) to help identify this channel in the Hosts and Devices tree. For example, Temperature.
    Use the channel description to identify what is being measured, such as temperature, humidity, voltage, or pressure, and use the linked Location name to identify what is being monitored, such as a refrigerator reference code or laboratory name.
  5. To edit Vaisala DL data loggers with specific channel types:
    Voltage or current channel properties:
    First/Second input value
    To convert data input, set the first and second input range scaling values.
    First/Second output value
    To convert data output, set the first and second output range scaling values.
    Output units
    Specify the type of units to display converted input values in viewLinc.
    Boolean channel properties:
    Value when closed
    Set the value to display in viewLinc.
    Output units
    Editable when the channel is not linked to a Location. Specify the channel units to display in viewLinc.
  6. To edit Vaisala HMT140 Series Wi-Fi Data Loggers using probes:
    HMP110 probe properties:
    If passwords are enabled on an HMT140 device (using the HMT140 Utility software) type the password to ensure changes to HMT140 properties are updated on the device.
    Decimal Places
    Set the number of decimal places to display on the device.
    High/Low Alarm Value
    High and low range alarm values that initiate a data transmission. l High/Low Alarm Time: High and low alarm time specifies the number of seconds the probe is in alarm state before transmitting a beacon. The default setting, 255, disables the transmission.
    Presentation Scale/Offset
    Editable based on channel type. Refer to the Vaisala HMT140 Wi-Fi Data Logger User's Guide.
    Engineering Scale/Offset
    Editable based on channel type. Refer to the Vaisala HMT140 Wi-Fi Data Logger User's Guide.
    Calibration Scale/Offset
    The primary calibration scaling (x = Scale* V + Offset). If the calibration scale or offset are modified, device calibration dates appear. Before you can save the new calibration scale or offset values, update the device calibration settings.
  7. Save your changes.