Acknowledging Alarm Notifications - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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To allow users to acknowledge alarm notifications received by email, SMS, or voice call, your viewLinc system must allow remote acknowledgement and users must have an assigned phone number and PIN.

  1. Open or answer the alarm notification.
    • Email notifications are sent from the viewLinc server administrator account (for example,
    • SMS notifications are sent from an SMS modem number or SMS web service provider number.
    • Voice call notifications are sent from the designated web service provider number.
  2. To acknowledge an email alarm notification, send a reply which includes the default subject line (with ticket number), and type your PIN in the body of the message.
    Sending a reply without a PIN in the email message body area or the ticket number in the subject line does not acknowledge the alarm.
  3. To acknowledge an SMS alarm notification, send a reply from your phone which includes the ticket number and your PIN.
    Only SMS replies sent from your recognized phone number and PIN will acknowledge an alarm.
  4. To acknowledge a voice call notification, follow the prompts:
    • Press 1 to repeat the message.
    • Press 2 to acknowledge the alarm and enter your PIN (this option is available if voice acknowledgement is enabled in System Preferences).
      Once a voice call alarm notification is acknowledged, call tree notifications stop.
    • Press 3 to confirm receipt of an alarm and enter your PIN (this option is available if voice acknowledgment is not enabled in System Preferences, or the alarm was already acknowledged using a different method, or if the alarm condition is no longer present).
      Alarm acknowledgement in viewLinc does not prevent voice notifications from being sent.
      If you enter an incorrect PIN, or enter your PIN using an unrecognized phone number, you must log into viewLinc to acknowledge the alarm.