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Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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How does viewLinc upgrade data for use in viewLinc 5.1?

viewLinc automatically detects and converts your data. This is done transparently when you install viewLinc.

Upgrading from v3.6.1 to 5.1:

  1. New top-level Zones are created based on the Zone structure you set up in the earlier version. In addition, a top-level Zone called 'Unassigned' is created for any unassigned Zones.
  2. Locations are created for all active channels. The Location name is copied from the channel's preferred description (the assigned alias or device description, depending on the system preference). Duplicate channels assigned to multiple Zones are ignored.
  3. If the earlier version of viewLinc has restricted users configured, new permissions are applied, according to the following procedure:
    1. All users are assigned to the group Everyone.
    2. The group Everyone is assigned View permission to the top-level Zone, without inheriting View permission to the Locations in the top-level Zone.
    3. Users have their historical permission level automatically assigned to Zones.
    4. If previously granted permission to a channel, users have their historical permission level automatically assigned to the linked Location.
    5. Users are assigned to groups according to their historical permissions.
    6. Users with Full Control permission are automatically added to the default Administrators group.
  4. Thresholds configured on active channels are applied to linked Locations.
  5. Reports are upgraded to retrieve data from the new Locations/Zones.
  6. POS displays are upgraded to retrieve data from the new Locations.

For more about upgrade changes, see What's New for Upgrade Users.

How do I configure a firewall for viewLinc?

viewLinc will have exceptions added in the Domain and Private networks. Exceptions will not be added to Public networks. If this is required, they must be added manually. Please contact Vaisala Technical Support if you require assistance.