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Thresholds define the accepted condition limits required to preserve the quality of your inventory or production environment. Threshold condition limits are saved as threshold alarm templates, and can be applied to one or more Locations. If condition limits are exceeded, viewLinc can activate an alarm, and, optionally, send one or more alarm notifications.

Threshold alarm templates define:

  • Values associated with one or more conditions (Low-Low, Low, High, High-High, RoC, Alarm off margin).
  • Color codes to reflect condition severity.
  • One or more threshold alarm activation delays.
  • Whether the alarm needs to be acknowledged.

You can apply one or more threshold templates to a Location, depending on how often you need to change threshold values, or how frequently you want to know about changing conditions.

You can also specify the alarm off margin so viewLinc will ignore condition changes within a specified temperature range and persist sending alarm notifications while conditions remain in this range.

Up to 5 threshold settings can be saved as a single template and then assigned to one or more Locations. If the settings are modified, the new settings apply to all Locations to which they have been assigned.


If you have a monitored area that should remain between 10°C and 12°C, you could set up one or all of these levels:

  • Low threshold set at 10.5 °C to warn when the temperature is close to the Low-Low threshold.
  • Low-Low threshold set at 10 °C lasting for more than 1 minute to trigger specific alarm settings for the breach of the lower threshold.
  • High threshold set at 11.5 °C to warn when the temperature is close to the High-High threshold.
  • High-High threshold set at 12 °C lasting for more than 5 minutes to trigger specific alarm settings when upper threshold exceeded.
  • Rate of Change set to 0.25 °C/min to warn when temperature increases or decreases rapidly.