Linking a New Channel to a Previously Linked Location - viewLinc 5.1

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  1. In Sites Manager select the Hosts and Devices tab.
  2. In the Zones and Locations tree, navigate to an unlinked Location (the Location may have been linked previously to another channel, but is currently in the unlinked state, displaying italicized text).
  3. In the Hosts and Devices tree select the unlinked channel.
  4. Select Configure > Link Channel.
  5. In the Link Channel to Location window, choose when you want this new Location to start monitoring data:
    Start now
    Data is recorded at this Location starting from the next channel reading.
    Start from earliest available link time [ ]
    New channel data starts recording to the Location based on last time the Location was linked.
    Start from a specified time
    Set a specific time to start recording data history.
  6. Select Link.
  7. Select Save.