Accepting Wireless Devices - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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Manage Devices

When a new RFL100-series data logger is added to your network, it is identified by the nearest access point. When the access point is paired to an RFL100-series data logger it sends a message to viewLinc that a new device is available. HMT140-series data loggers are also automatically identified by viewLinc. Both RFL100-series and HMT140-series data loggers are added to viewLinc using the New Devices window.

Once a data logger is accepted by your viewLinc system, it is visible in Sites Manager in the Hosts and Devices tree.

Refer to the device user guides for more information about setting up data loggers and access points in your facility.
  1. Open Sites Manager.
  2. If viewLinc detects new RFL100-series or HMT140-series devices, New Devices text appears at the top of the Sites Manager window. Select the New Devices prompt.
    If the New Devices prompt does not appear, you can add the device manually.
  3. In the New Devices window in the Accept column, select the devices you want to add to your viewLinc system. You can accept a device later (select Leave Pending), or flag a device as available for acceptance by another access point host or viewLinc device host (select Reject).

    Rejecting a device prevents it from connecting to the selected host. When a device is rejected it becomes available to connect with another host. A rejected device continues to appear in the New Devices window until it connects with the correct host and is accepted in viewLinc.

  4. Select Accept.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Open Sites Manager to verify that all accepted devices are available in viewLinc:
    1. Select the Hosts and Devices tab.
    2. Locate new devices on the Hosts and Devices tree.