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A device calibration alarm is an intermittent notification sent when a Vaisala data logger or probe is due for calibration.

By default, you receive notifications at the following intervals: 3 months and 1 month before the calibration due date, then again on the scheduled recalibration date (auto-generated for 1 year from last calibration date). This alarm remains active, even after acknowledgement, until the device is recalibrated (for more information contact Vaisala Calibration Service Center).

You can set the default calibration duration for all data loggers in System Preferences, or, if you have Manage Devicesright, modify the duration for a specific data logger or probe in Sites Manager (Hosts and Devices > Configure > Edit Properties).
  1. In System Preferences select the row, Default calibration duration.
  2. Choose a time period in months.
    Calibration duration set on a data logger or a probe overrides the system preference.
  3. Select Save.