Vaisala OPC UA Server - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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Vaisala OPC UA Server is built on an industry standard tool preconfigured to bring real-time and historical data from viewLinc into your existing systems, such as data historians, manufacturing execution, reporting, or building automation systems. By installing the stand-alone Vaisala OPC UA Server software, you can leverage your viewLinc data without extensive validation or complex programming.

Before installing Vaisala OPC UA Server software, the following setup steps must be completed in viewLinc:

Table 1. Connecting to Vaisala OPC UA Server
Setup Requirements
Vaisala OPC UA Server license key added to viewLinc. The same license key is entered during Vaisala OPC UA Server installation.
A dedicated group and user configured in viewLinc. The dedicated group must have View permission to access the required Zone and/or Location data. The user account is used only to transfer data to the Vaisala OPC UA Server so that activity between viewLinc and the Vaisala OPC UA Server can be traced clearly in the Events log.
viewLinc hostname identified, or IP address (a recognized certificate hostname is required if your network requires certificate authentication).
viewLinc port number identified (default is 443).
Vaisala OPC UA server port number identified (default is 55000).

If you would like to purchase a license for Vaisala OPC UA Server, please contact your local sales representative:

1 Your security policy determines whether you are required to use strict or relaxed certificate authentication. If you choose strict security (recommended), you must install trusted security certificate and key files. If you prefer to use relaxed security, you can have the wizard generate VOPC UA Server-signed certificate and key files during installation.