Viewing Location Properties - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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In the Sites Manager window use the Location Properties tab for at-a-glance review of important Location details. Access to the Sites Manager window requires Manage Sites right.

Icon Description
View Trend: View a Location's historical data as a trend in a new browser window.
Find in Tree: Highlight the selected Location in the Zones and Locations navigation tree.
Show Linked Channel History: Find out how long a specific device channel has been linked to a selected Location, when the link first began, and for how long it has been linked.
Table 1. Location Properties Columns
Column Contains
Type The Location Type icon. This column cannot be moved.
Zone Full path of the parent Zone.
Location Location name as displayed in the navigation tree.
Location ID Number assigned by viewLinc to a new Location. It can never be changed. Used to avoid confusion if more than one Location is given the same name.
Description User-entered device description.
Device Description Name of a device, as defined by a user.
Device Serial Number Device serial number automatically stored in viewLinc .
Channel Description Description provided by a user.
Device ID A number assigned to a new device, generated by viewLinc , and can never be changed. Used to avoid confusion if more than one device is given the same name.
Channel ID A number assigned to a new channel, created by viewLinc , and can never be changed. Used to avoid confusion if more than one channel is given the same name.
Channel Index Channel number assigned to the linked Location.
Location Units Unit display format set in viewLinc , often modified for reporting purposes (for example, American sites may want to see readings in standard measurement units, Fahrenheit, while Canadian operations may prefer them in metric, Celsius).
Preferred Units Unit display option (such as C or F), for the specific Location (units can be set differently for different Locations).
Device Units Data logger or transmitter units, such as C, DEGC, TDC, set by Vaisala. These can be changed in viewLinc to display in a more meaningful way (Location or Preferred Units).
Measurement Type The value being measured (temperature, humidity, boolean, pressure).
Decimal Places System-defined preference.
Device Address System folder path to this Location.
Link Start Date the Location started recording data (Unlimited indicates this Location has remained linked to the current channel since it started monitoring data).
Link End Date the Location stopped recording data (Unlimited indicates the Location is still linked to the current channel, and continuously recording data).
Permission The permission a user has been granted for this Location.
Threshold Alarm Schedule The name of the threshold alarm schedule set for this Location, if one has been assigned.