Probe replacement and viewLinc alarms - RFL100

RFL100 User Guide

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If the data logger is connected to a viewLinc Enterprise Server, probe replacements activate the appropriate alarms in viewLinc.

Probe Changed alarms

These alarms are always activated to notify the administrator that a probe has been changed. The alarm has to be acknowledged by the administrator.

RFL100 data logger communicates changed probe information automatically to viewLinc Enterprise Server. This information includes the serial number and calibration information stored in the probes. Stored data points are automatically associated with the correct probe.

Missing Historical Data alarms

These alarms are activated for Locations that are linked to channels of the data logger when viewLinc notices that realtime data is not being received. The alarms will be cleared when the data logger reconnects and viewLinc retrieves any data that was locally stored on the data logger during the connection break.

If you need to avoid any interruption to monitoring, use the Swap Device feature of viewLinc Enterprise Server to link another device to the monitored Location for the duration of probe replacement. See viewLinc User Guide.

CAUTION If you replace the probe with a different model that does not have the same measurement channels (for example, replacing RH+T probe with a T-only probe), unlink the channels from the old probe(s) in viewLinc Enterprise Server before you start. Always unlink the channels before changing between 1 and 2 probe operation.