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For adjustment points and requirements of the GMP251 CO2 probe, see GMP251 User Guide (M211799EN).
Table 1. Measurement adjustments of RFL100-compatible RH and T probes
Adjustment HMP110 HMP110T HMP115 HMP115T TMP115
1-point RH adjustment
2-point RH adjustment
1-point T adjustment
2-point T adjustment

2-point RH and T adjustments have the following requirements:

  • When adjusting RH, the first point requires a < 50 %RH humidity reference, and the second point must be > 50 %RH. The difference between the references must be at least 30 %RH.
  • When adjusting T, the difference between the 2 references must be at least 30 °C (54 °F).

When comparison against a calibrated reference indicates that adjustment of humidity measurement is necessary, Vaisala recommends adjusting in 2 points, 11 %RH and 75 %RH. These humidities can be produced using LiCl and NaCl salt chambers of the Vaisala HMK15 Humidity Calibrator.

Adjustment of temperature measurement is typically not necessary.