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It may be necessary to change the segment of an RFL100 data logger to conform to your device installation plan, improve connectivity, or make room in a full segment. As long as there is no need to relocate devices physically, the move can be done remotely using the Sites Manager view of viewLinc Enterprise Server.

  1. Log in to the viewLinc Enterprise Server as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Sites Manager > Hosts and Devices.
  3. Enable installation mode on at least one access point that belongs to the target segment. Right-click on the access point in the device list of Hosts and Devices tab and select Edit Properties.
    The access point should have free connection capacity (currently connecting less than the maximum 32 data loggers) and it should be in range of the data logger that you want to connect to the target segment.
  4. Make sure installation mode is not enabled on any access point that is not assigned to the target segment.
    Installation mode is automatically disabled after 8 hours.
  5. Locate the data logger you want to move to the segment from the device list. Right-click it and select Release Device from Access Point.
    It will take some minutes for the release command to be delivered to the data logger, after which it will automatically start to listen for access points that are in installation mode. The data logger will rejoin the system through the new segment without having to be accepted again by the viewLinc administrator.
  6. Wait for the rejoining to be completed, and verify from the device list that the data logger is now connected to an access point in the target segment.