Performing a factory reset - RFL100

RFL100 User Guide

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  • Pen or a small flat head screwdriver

Factory reset clears all user settings on the data logger much in the same way as pressing the Release button. Additionally, factory reset restores some lower level settings that are not user changeable. Factory reset will not clear existing data on the data logger.

You may need the factory reset in the following cases:

  • If the data logger has been set up with 2 temperature probes (using the probe splitter accessory), you need to perform the factory reset before you can perform the setup in 1 probe mode.
  • Factory reset can be done in an attempt to recover from serious operating errors that prevent normal startup or operation. This is not typically necessary, and should only be done in cases where it is advised by troubleshooting instructions or Vaisala Support.
  1. Open the battery cover of the data logger.
  2. Move the power switch to the Off position.
  3. Hold down the Release button using a pen or a small flat-head screwdriver, and move the power switch to the On position. Keep holding down the Release button during start-up until you see the text FCT RST on the display. If you do not see the text appear, turn the data logger off and try again.
  4. After a successful factory reset, the data logger will continue operating normally. To make sure factory settings are in use, move the power switch to the Off position, wait for a few seconds, and turn it back to On position. Verify from the display that the data logger starts up normally.
  5. Close the battery cover of the data logger. Push the latch down until you hear a click. If the cover does not close easily, push the probe (or extension cable) in and try again.

After the factory reset, RFL100 will be ready to join any compatible viewLinc Monitoring System after a delay of 4 … 6 minutes. The connecting access point must be in installation mode.