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Probe detection of RFL100 has been changed to accommodate 2 probe operation. In firmware version 1.2.0 and later, the data logger detects and validates the connected probe(s) only at startup. If any unsupported probes or probe combinations are detected, or if both probes have been replaced simultaneously when 2 temperature probes are in use, an error is shown. The only way to recover is to turn off the data logger and correct the problem.

After the probe detection is successfully completed, the data logger starts its normal operation. The detected and validated probe(s) must remain the same until the data logger is turned off again. If a probe is disconnected while the data logger remains powered on, a connection error will be shown. Reconnecting the same, correctly detected probe without turning off the data logger is supported.

Remember the following when operating and maintaining the data logger:

  • Changing a probe to a different one always requires the data logger to be turned off.
  • When a CO2 probe and another probe are connected using the Probe Splitter M8/M12 accessory, both probes can be replaced at the same time.
  • When 2 temperature probes are connected using the Probe Splitter M8 accessory, the probes must be replaced one at a time according to the replacement procedure.
Figure 1. Detection of a new RH + T probe shown on display