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Main batteries

RFL100 data logger is powered by 2 AA size primary (non-rechargeable) batteries with 1.5 V nominal voltage. Starting the data logger always requires that compatible batteries with sufficient voltage are in place, even if external power is supplied through the service port.

When replacing batteries, always use new batteries, not partially discharged ones. Minimum battery voltage for operation is 2.15 V in series.

Compatible battery types are:

  • 1.5 V alkaline batteries, designation IEC-LR6, ANSI 15A. Standard choice for most humidity and temperature measurement applications.

  • 1.5 V lithium batteries, designation IEC-FR14505 (FR6), ANSI 15-LF. Typically higher capacity and better in cold temperatures. Recommended for CO2 measurement as lithium batteries provide a longer battery backup time if external power becomes unavailable.

CAUTION Do not use batteries with a nominal voltage higher than 1.5 V.
Use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended. RFL100 will not charge batteries even if the service port is connected to a power supply.

Clock battery

RFL100 also has a separate 3 V lithium battery (type CR1/3N button cell) to keep the real-time clock powered when the device is switched off. This battery is good for 10 years, and should only be replaced if the data logger display shows the low clock battery error code Err 200.