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RFL100 data logger has a small button next to the service port. Pressing this button enables Info mode for 1 hour, after which the mode is automatically disabled. Pressing the button again disables the mode immediately.

In the Info mode:

  • Display and LED are turned on if they have been turned off remotely.
  • Data logger starts radio scanning immediately if it has shut down to save power.
  • After showing the current measurement results and possible error codes, the data logger shows the text INFO ON and the following additional information:
    • If the data logger is connected to an access point:
      • Signal strength indicator is updated faster, approximately every 30 seconds.
      • The currently connected VaiNet channel is shown, alternating with measurement results and firmware version.
    • Firmware version of the data logger.
    • Serial number(s) of probe(s) detected at startup, shown in three separate segments.
      • If 1 probe is used, the letters SN are shown before the number.
      • If 2 probes are used, the letters SN1 and SN2 are shown before the numbers. SN1 is always the probe that provides the measurement for channel 1. SN2 is either the second T probe that provides the measurement for channel 2, or the CO2 probe that provides the measurement for channel 3.

After all information has been shown, the same sequence is repeated until Info mode is disabled or 1 hour has passed.