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Table 1. Troubleshooting table
Problem Possible cause Solution
You are adding a new RFL100 data logger to the system but it is not coming up as a New Device in viewLinc. RFL100 is not in range of an AP10 that has installation mode turned on, and capacity to add more data loggers (maximum 32 for each AP10). Turn on installation mode in an AP10 that is within 100 m (approx. 330 ft) of the data logger, and has capacity to add more data loggers.
RFL100 is connected to an AP10 that is not connected to viewLinc.

Verify the following:

  • AP10 is connected to the network and has an IP address.
  • AP10 is configured to connect to the correct viewLinc Enterprise Server.
  • viewLinc connection of the AP10 is OK.
You are connecting the RFL100 to VaiNet segment B, C, or D, but it has an older firmware version and can only connect to the default segment A. Update the firmware of the RFL100 to at least version 1.8.0. See Updating RFL100 firmware.
RFL100 has been previously accepted to a different viewLinc system. Press the Release button of the RFL100 and verify that the message NWK REL appears on screen. The RFL100 is now ready to join any AP10 that is in installation mode.
RFL100 has joined a different viewLinc system that is within VaiNet range.
RFL100 has joined an AP10 but has not been accepted to the viewLinc system. The AP10 is no longer in range, but RFL100 cannot change to a different access point as it is pending to be accepted to the system.
Display shows 1 or more error codes. Various causes. Check meaning of the error code(s) and proceed accordingly. See Error codes.
Data logger shows dashes "- - -" instead of a CO2 reading at start-up. Start-up delay of the CO2 probe. This is normal. Wait for the CO2 reading to appear.
RFL100 turns off by itself. Display and LED of the RFL100 have been turned off remotely using viewLinc Enterprise Server. All other functions of the data logger remain active.

You can change the setting from the Hosts and Devices tree in viewLinc Enterprise Server.

If you are connecting the RFL100 to a new viewLinc Monitoring System and you want the display and LED back on again, press the Release button of the RFL100 and verify that the message NWK REL appears on screen.

Main batteries are empty. Replace the main batteries. See Changing RFL100 batteries.