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Figure 1. Alarm indicators on RFL100 display
Alarm indicators for channel 1
Alarm indicators for channel 2
Table 1. Alarm symbols
Symbol on display Description
High-high threshold alarm active.
High threshold alarm active.
Alarm bell symbol that is always shown when any threshold alarm is active on this channel.
Low threshold alarm active.
Low-low threshold alarm active.

RFL100 can show active threshold alarms on its local display. When a threshold alarm is active on RFL100, the appropriate alarm indicators will be shown on the display. Additionally, the LED will flash red for high-high and low-low threshold alarms.

Threshold alarms cannot be configured locally on the RFL100 itself; they are configured using viewLinc Enterprise Server software. When applying a threshold alarm template to a Location, you can choose to show the alarms on the data logger that is linked to the location. To show the alarms, enable the Send to device setting, and then enable Alarm on Device for each threshold that you want to generate an alarm on the RFL100.

On the RFL100, only one set of thresholds can be active at a time for one channel. The latest set that is pushed to the device replaces the previous one. The Send to device setting of any previously sent threshold alarm is automatically set to No.

RFL100 does not implement the Alarm Delay and Alarm off margin settings of viewLinc threshold alarms. Local alarm status on RFL100 changes as soon as the measured values cross the thresholds.