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The VaiNet segmentation feature splits the local VaiNet radio network into segments. Each segment can have up to 8 access points, 1 for each VaiNet channel. Up to 4 segments can be created, identified using letters A–D.

Segmentation provides significant benefits for the building of larger VaiNet networks:

  • Overlapping radio transmissions have been significantly reduced as each segment has a different timing offset for its VaiNet radio communication.
  • The access point switching behavior of data loggers is more controlled. Data loggers only connect to access points of their home segment, and ignore the other segments.

Segment configuration is done on the access point using the web interface or the local touch interface. Starting with AP10 access point firmware version 5.0.0, there is a new VaiNet segment configuration parameter. This new setting is part of the VaiNet radio settings. The setting is mandatory, so every VaiNet network has at least one segment. The segment and channel combination of each access point must be unique on the site.

Figure 1. VaiNet segment setting in the AP10 touch interface

Data loggers do not have a configurable segment setting, as their segment is automatically determined by the access point they use to join the system. When a data logger connects to an access point that is in installation mode, the segment of its connecting access point becomes its home segment. A data logger will not leave its home segment unless it is remotely released from the network or its physical Release button is pressed. For example, if a data logger is connected to access point B1 (VaiNet segment B, channel 1), it will only connect to other access points in the B segment if it loses its current access point connection.

If the segment setting of an access point is changed, all data loggers that are currently connected to it will lose their connection. They will automatically attempt to reconnect to any remaining access point in their home segment. They will not be transferred to the new segment of the access point.

To make sure all data loggers are assigned to the planned segment, the installation of data loggers in a large system should proceed one segment at a time.

For guidance in designing and installing a large system, see Guidelines for Large VaiNet Systems (M212596EN).