Releasing RFL100 from viewLinc Monitoring System - RFL100

RFL100 User Guide

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After RFL100 data logger has been accepted to a viewLinc Monitoring System by a viewLinc Enterprise Server administrator, it will not connect to any other system unless first released from its current system. There are 2 ways to release the data logger:

  • Locally by pressing its Release button
  • Remotely from viewLinc Enterprise Server software
Measurement and data logging is not affected by the release procedure. Existing data will remain unaffected on the data logger. All remotely managed RFL100 settings will be reset to defaults: threshold alarm indicators will be cleared, and display and LED will turn on if they have been remotely turned off.

After RFL100 is released, it will be ready to join any compatible viewLinc Monitoring System after a delay of 4–6 minutes. The connecting access point must be in installation mode.