Replacing probes when 2 temperature probes are connected - HMP110T - HMP115T - RFL100 - TMP115

RFL100 User Guide

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You can replace one or both of the probes by following the procedure below. Only temperature probes can be connected when the Probe Splitter M8 accessory is used.
  1. Remove the data logger from the mounting bracket.
  2. Open the battery cover of the data logger.
  3. Move the power switch to the Off position.
  4. Replace the first probe:
    1. Loosen the locking ring of the connector at the end of the probe cable or probe splitter, and pull the old probe away from the connector.
    2. Connect the new probe and tighten the locking ring.
    3. Remove the numbering label from the old probe and apply it to the new probe.
  5. Move the power switch to the On position.
  6. Look at the display and wait for the data logger to start up. Data logger shows the word NEW on the channel that was affected by the probe change for a few seconds, after which it is replaced by the temperature reading. Verify that the display shows measurement readings instead of dashes or error codes.
  7. To replace the second probe, repeat the steps starting from 3.
  8. Optional: Press the info button on the data logger (under the silicone plug, next to the service port) and verify the channel assignment of the probes using the Info mode.
  9. Close the battery cover of the data logger. Push the latch down until you hear a click. If the cover does not close easily, push the probe (or extension cable) in and try again.
  10. Insert the data logger back in the mounting bracket.