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For general principles of VaiNet device firmware updates, firmware compatibility information, and instructions on how to minimize the impact to your viewLinc system, see Updating VaiNet device firmware in a viewLinc system Technical Note (M212867EN) available at docs.vaisala.com.

If a release notes document is included with the firmware update file, read it before starting for information on any important changes and possible compatibility requirements.


  • Computer with a free USB port and an operating system that supports the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). For example, Windows® 7 and newer.

  • USB connection cable (USB 2.0 type A - micro-B, Vaisala cable 244961). You can also use a generic cable that has all pins connected (not just power).

  • RFL100 firmware update file (.fw) and release notes document from Vaisala.

CAUTION Updating RFL100 firmware erases the recorded data on the device. Before updating, verify from the viewLinc Enterprise Server that up-to-date data from this device is available. You can also copy the data from the device for local storage; see Downloading data using service port.

Updating the firmware will not affect the data logger's status in the Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System. If the device was accepted in the system before the update, it will remain accepted.

  1. To check if an update is necessary, verify the current firmware version of the RFL100 before starting.
    The current firmware version is shown briefly when you turn the RFL100 on, and also during info mode. If the firmware version you have downloaded is newer than the installed version, continue with the update.
  2. If the firmware update file and release notes document are in a zip package, unzip it into a temporary directory.
  3. If the RFL100 is switched off, switch it on.
  4. Open the plug that covers the service port and connect the USB cable between your computer and the service port of the RFL100.
    After the computer detects the RFL100 and installs the appropriate driver, it is available for file transfer.
  5. Copy the firmware update file (file name ending in .fw) into the \Data\Update folder on the RFL100. For example, if your computer has a Windows operating system, you can simply drag the file into the correct folder (drag and drop) or use the copy and paste functions. Select to overwrite the old file when prompted.

    If the file is valid, RFL100 begins the update automatically. Do not unplug the cable or turn off the RFL100 during the update.

  6. Monitor the update progress on the display of the RFL100. When the update is done, you will see UPD OK message on the display, after which the RFL100 restarts with the new firmware.
  7. Disconnect the USB cable and close the plug over the service port.