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For probe-specific accessories and spare parts, see probe datasheets and user guides.
Table 1. RFL100 accessories
Accessory Item code
Probe cable for RFL100, 1.5 m CBL210555-1M5SP
Probe cable for RFL100, 3 m CBL210555-3MSP
Probe cable for RFL100, 10 m CBL210555-10MSP
Flat cable for RFL100, 3 m CBL210647SP
Probe holder (5 pcs) for Ø 12 mm probes ASM213382SP
CO2 probe mounting kit ASM214253SP
Probe splitter M8 (for connecting two T probes) CBL210834SP
Probe splitter M8/M12 (for connecting a CO2 probe) CBL211050SP

1 m high-temperature cable M12 (for CO2 probe) 1

1 m high-temperature cable M8 (for RH/T probe in CO2 applications) 1 271039SP
Universal power supply (100–240 V AC / 5 V DC) with micro-USB connector ASM214178SP
Table 2. RFL100 spare parts
Description Item code
RFL100 mounting bracket (5 pcs) DRW244769SP
RFL100 magnetic mounting bracket (5 pcs) ASM211527SP
RFL100 battery cover (5 pcs) DRW244766SP
RFL100 and AP10 mounting kit 245679SP
HMP110 probe HMP110 order form, code: Z00B0C1A0
HMP110T probe HMP110 order form, code: Z0B01A0
HMP115 probe HMP115 order form
HMP115T probe HMP115T order form
TMP115 probe TMP115 order form
GMP251 probe GMP251 order form, code: B1B0C0N1
1 High-temperature cables are extensions for the probe splitter M8/M12 in CO2 applications. They tolerate −20 ... +180 °C (−4 ... +356 °F) temperatures and can remain inside an incubator during a typical heat sterilization cycle. Due to heat conduction, leave half of the cable in ambient temperature when installed.