Adjusting measurement using Insight software - RFL100 - SWINSIGHT10

RFL100 User Guide

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Figure 1. Adjusting relative humidity measurement in Insight
  • Computer with Windows operating system and Vaisala Insight software installed
  • USB connection adapter for the probe:

    • For GMP251 probe: Indigo USB Adapter (item code USB2) or USB connection cable (item code 242659)
    • For other supported probes: USB connection cable (item code 219690)
  • Reference environments for the desired calibration and adjustment points

This procedure can be used to adjust the humidity or temperature measurement of the probe. If you want to adjust both, adjust temperature measurement first, then repeat the procedure for humidity.

  1. Disconnect the probe from the data logger.
  2. Connect the probe to Insight. See Connecting probes to Insight software.
  3. Select > Calibrate > Yes to switch the probe to calibration mode.

    In calibration mode, the device will not use functions that may interfere with calibration and adjustment.

  4. Select the type of adjustment to perform: RH adjustment, T adjustment, or CO₂ adjustment.
  5. Define the needed adjustment for the first adjustment point:
    1. Insert the probe head in the reference environment for the first adjustment point.
    2. Wait for the measurement to stabilize fully.
    3. Click the Reference value, point 1 text box and enter the reference value of the adjustment point. Press ENTER or click outside the text box when done.
    4. The probe automatically enters the measured values for the adjustment point.
  6. If you want to adjust in more than one point, repeat 5 for all desired adjustment points.
  7. Select Activate adjustment > Yes to store the adjustment in the probe.
  8. Check the message that appears at the top of the screen. If the message indicates that the adjustment is activated successfully, your adjustment is stored in the probe.
  9. Select the Calibration information tab and update the content of the Calibration date and Calibration text fields.
  10. Select Close > Yes to exit the calibration mode.
  11. Disconnect the probe from the USB adapter.
  12. Connect the probe to the data logger.