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Vaisala RFL100 data logger is a wireless, battery powered data logger. It supports several types of Vaisala probes for measurement of humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide (CO2). RFL100 is intended as a data collection point in a Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System.

Figure 1. Connecting RFL100 to the viewLinc Monitoring System

The wireless connection of RFL100 requires a Vaisala AP10 access point. A single AP10 can connect up to 32 loggers to the viewLinc Monitoring System. In a typical indoor space, install the AP10 within 100 meters (328 ft) of the RFL100. In an open space with line-of-sight and no interfering structures, the range can be over 500 m (1640 ft).

RFL100 is optimized for low power operation. It reads the probe once a minute, and transmits measurement data to the access point every 4 minutes. Because the radio link is not continuous, remote management actions and system joining status may take some time to be updated on the display of the data logger.

Before you start installing RFL100 data loggers, install viewLinc Enterprise Server and one or more AP10 access points within range of RFL100. This way RFL100 can immediately join your system.

For more information on viewLinc Monitoring System installation, see the viewLinc Setup Guide and viewLinc User Guide for your viewLinc Enterprise Server version.