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If the voltage supplied to DMT152 is too low for reliable operation, or fluctuates heavily, or there is some serious problem that prevents measurement, DMT152 will enter an error state. The error state is indicated by the following:
  • Analog current output at 0 mA or 4 mA (according to selected range)
  • Analog voltage output at 0 V
  • Serial line outputs asterisk characters "*" instead of measurement data. For example: Tdf=****** 'C H2O=****** ppm
The analog output levels for the error state are configurable using the AERR command; see Malfunction alarm. Note that the asterisk characters on the serial line may also appear during the startup procedure. When the transmitter is in the error state, it will use the default serial interface settings, regardless of the currently set serial interface mode. If you have set a different mode with the SERI command, you will have to set your terminal program to the default settings of 19200 N 8 1 (see Terminal application settings) before you can connect to the transmitter in error state.