Installing driver for USB service cable - DMT152

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Before taking the USB service cable into use, you must install the provided USB driver on your PC. When installing the driver, you must acknowledge any security prompts that may appear. The driver is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

  1. Check that the USB service cable is not connected. Disconnect the cable if you have already connected it.
  2. Insert the media that came with the cable, or download the driver from
  3. Execute the USB driver installation program (setup.exe), and accept the installation defaults. The installation of the driver may take several minutes.
  4. After the driver has been installed, connect the USB service cable to a USB port on your PC. Windows will detect the new device, and use the driver automatically.
  5. The installation has reserved a COM port for the cable. Verify the port number, and the status of the cable, using the Vaisala USB Instrument Finder program that has been installed in the Windows Start menu.

Windows will recognize each individual cable as a different device, and reserve a new COM port. Remember to use the correct port in the settings of your terminal program.

There is no reason to uninstall the driver for normal use. However, if you wish to remove the driver files and all Vaisala USB cable devices, you can do so by uninstalling the entry for Vaisala USB Instrument Driver in Windows Control Panel.