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Use the serial line command FORM to change the format or to select the measurement parameters for the output commands SEND and R. You can return to the default format using the FORM / command.

Syntax Description
FORM [x]<cr>

[x] = formatter string

The formatter string consists of parameters and modifiers. The maximum length of the form string is 74 characters. When entering the command, use the abbreviations of the parameters. The parameters are presented in Table 1, and modifiers in Table 2.

FORM /<cr> Return to default format.


form 4.2 TDF #r #n
form 3.1 “H2O= “ ppm “ “ U3 #r #n
Table 1. FORM command parameters
Parameter Description
TDF Dew point / frost point temperature
PPM Water content in parts per million
PPB Water content in parts per billion
PPMW Water content in parts per million by weight
For accurate ppm, ppb, or ppmw reading, you must compensate for the pressure and molar mass of the process gas.
Table 2. FORM command modifiers
Modifier Description
x.y Length modifier (number of digits and decimal places)
#t Tabulator
#r Carriage return
#n Line feed
"" String constant
#xxx ASCII code value (decimal) of a special character; for example, #027 for Esc
ADDR Transmitter address with 2 characters (00 … 99)

Currently active transmitter errors in a 9-bit field:

bit0 … bit8

  • bit0 T MEAS error
  • bit1 F MEAS error
  • bit2 Voltage too low error
  • bit3 Voltage too low for mA output error
  • bit4 Ambient temperature error
  • bit5 Flash checksum error
  • bit6 Parameter checksum error
  • bit7 Autocalibration error
  • bit8 Internal error
SN Transmitter serial number

Transmitter status in a 1-character field. Transmitter status in 4 characters. The status codes are the same as for the STAT command; see Show transmitter status.

TIME Current time; see the description of the TIME command: Set time.
Ux Shows the name of the measurement unit using “x” number of characters. For example, U3 shows the name of the measurement unit with 3 characters