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Vaisala DRYCAP® Dew Point Transmitter DMT152 measures dew point temperature accurately in a measurement range from −80 °C to −20 °C (−112 … −4 °F). The maximum output range of the transmitter is −100 … 20 °C (−148 … +68 °F).

DMT152 is designed for a wide range of OEM applications. The transmitter is easy to install, and the mechanics have been designed for harsh environments requiring protection against dust, dirt, and splashed water.

The excellent stability and reliability of the transmitter’s performance is based on advanced DRYCAP polymer sensor technology. The DRYCAP technology has low maintenance needs due to its excellent long-term stability and durability against condensation. For more information on DRYCAP technology, see Advanced DRYCAP technology.

DMT152 measurement parameters

Table 1. DMT152 measurement parameters
Parameter Abbreviation Metric unit Non-metric unit
Dew point / frost point temperature TDF °C °F
Parts per million H2O ppmv/ppmw ppmv/ppmw