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All commands can be issued either in uppercase or lowercase. In the command examples, the keyboard input by the user is in bold type.

The notation <cr> refers to pressing the carriage return key (the Enter key) on your computer keyboard. Enter a <cr> to clear the command buffer before starting to enter commands.

Note that the term quantity in the serial interface corresponds to measurement parameter.

Table 1. List of serial commands
Command Description
? Show device information
?? Show device information (overrides POLL mode)
ACAL [1/2] Calibrate analog channel
ADDR [0 ... 99] Set the transmitter address for POLL mode
AERR Set analog output device malfunction error mode
ALARM Set analog output limit alarm modes
AMODE Set analog output mode
AOVER [ON/OFF] Allow analog outputs to exceed their range 10 %
ASEL Configure analog output parameter and scaling
ATEST Test analog outputs
CLOSE Close the temporary connection and return the device to POLL mode
ERRS Display the currently active errors
FORM Change the format of the measurement output
FRESTORE Restore factory settings
HELP Display the command list
INTV [0 ... 255 S/MIN/H] Set the continuous output interval (for RUN mode and R command)
LED Set voltage for LED alarm (not needed with Vaisala LED cable)
MOL Set the molar mass of the process gas (used in ppmw calculation)
OPEN [0 ... 99] Open temporary connection to a device that is in POLL mode
PRES Set value for pressure compensation
R Start the continuous outputting
RESET Reset the transmitter
S Stop the continuous outputting
SDELAY [0 ... 255] Set response sending delay in milliseconds
SEND [0 ... 99] Output readings once (specify address for transmitters in POLL mode)
SERI Set the serial interface settings
SMODE [RUN/POLL/STOP] Set the serial interface mode
STAT Display transmitter status
STATUS Set analog output purge status alarm
TIME Set time for transmitter clock
UNIT Select metric or non-metric units
VERS Display transmitter software version
XPRES Set value for pressure compensation (temporarily, is cleared at reset)
XPUR [ON/OFF] Enable or disable sensor purge (temporarily, is enabled at reset)