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The DSC74 has been designed especially for compressed air lines. The sampling cell contains an adjustable leak screw that allows keeping up the pipeline pressure at the sensor. The leak screw is opened and closed with a screwdriver. The leak screw should be 1/2 turn open. This can be verified by first closing the leak screw, then turning 1/2 turn to open it. Then the air coming out will make a barely audible little hiss and it can be lightly felt when putting a hand in front of the air stream.

Do not open the leak screw more than 1/2 turn to avoid reducing the pressure in the sampling cell.

The DSC74 comes with a quick connector that fits to industry standard compressed air line connectors (suitable for type D, Quick08, NIP08). This allows for easy installation and detachment of the dew point transmitter without having to shut down the process. Alternative ways to connect are through the two different thread adapters (G3/8" to G1/2" and G3/8" to G1/4" ISO) that are supplied with each DSC74 unit.

When using the DSC74, seal the threads of the quick connector or thread adapter carefully with PTFE thread seal tape. Tighten with an open-end wrench.

Figure 1. DSC74 sampling cell with accessories
Thread adapter type G3/8" - G1/2"
Thread adapter type G3/8" - G1/4"
Quick connector
Leak screw
Sampling cell body (DMT242SC)