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The transmitter can temporarily freeze the output when measurement is not possible (for example, during sensor purge). The purge status alarm indicates this state by setting the analog output at a defined level, in the same way as the limit alarm (see Limit alarm).

Use the STATUS command to enable/disable the alarm and to define the voltage/current levels (see example below). The channel is set to the value of Level Hi when sensor purge is active and to Level Lo during normal operation. During auto-calibration, the output is not frozen, that is, the output of the purge status alarm is on Level Lo.

Table 1. STATUS command
Syntax Description
STATUS<cr> Select at the prompt (?) whether the alarm is enabled or disabled and define the voltage/current levels.

The following example shows the purge status alarm enabled for channel 1:

Channel 1:
Status         :       ON         ?
Level Lo       :     0.00         ?
Level Hi       :     5.00         ?
Channel 2:
Status         :      OFF         ?
Level Lo       :     0.00         ?
Level Hi       :     0.00         ?

Level Lo and Level Hi are shared between the STATUS and ALARM commands. For example, if you change the levels using the ALARM command, they will also change when viewing the STATUS command.