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DMT152 User Guide

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If the transmitter is malfunctioning, the channel output is set to a pre-defined level. This overrides the normal measurement output of the channel. You can specify the level using the AERR command:

Table 1. AERR command
Syntax Description
AERR<cr> Enter the error output level at the prompt (?) for each channel.


Ch1 error out  :   20.000 mA ?
Ch2 error out  :    0.000 V  ?

The current value is shown after the colon ":". To set a new value, enter it after the question mark. The error output value must be within the valid range for the selected output mode.

The error output value is displayed only when there are minor electrical faults such as a humidity sensor damage. When there is a severe device malfunction, the error output value is not necessarily shown.

The malfunction alarm is always enabled for channels that are in the normal measurement modes (see Configuring analog outputs), but you can enable or disable it using the ALARM command for channels that are in the ON/OFF output mode.