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DMT152 User Guide

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Table 1. SMODE command
Syntax Description
SMODE [xxx]<cr> [xxx] = select the serial line interface mode:
  • STOP
  • RUN
  • POLL
See Table 2 for a description of the serial modes.
Table 2. Selection of output modes
Mode Measurement output Available commands
STOP Only with the SEND command. All (default mode).
RUN Automatic output. Only command S.
POLL Only with the SEND [addr] command.

SEND [addr] and OPEN [addr].

Other commands available after opening a line to the transmitter using the OPEN command.

The polling mode can be used when more than one transmitter is connected to one serial bus. When set to POLL state, the transmitters communicate one at a time when the specific transmitter address is called on the serial line. See the descriptions of ADDR command (Set transmitter address) and OPEN command (Opening the transmitter in POLL mode).

Selected output mode will be activated at next reset or power up.


smode poll
Serial mode    :     POLL