Making temperature adjustments - HM70

HM70 User Guide

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Temperature adjustment in 1 or 2 points can be done if there is reason to believe that the adjustment is changed. If the adjustment is done in 1 point only, make sure the reference condition represent the measurement environment well.

First begin the adjustment as instructed in this section, and then choose either 1-point T adjustment of HMP70 series probes or 2-point T adjustment of HMP70 series probes to complete the adjustment.
To start the adjustment:
  1. Detach the screw from the probe handle to expose the calibration button.
  2. Press the calibration button in the probe handle with a thin sharp-pointed tool, such as a small screwdriver. Pressing the button switches the indicator to adjustment mode.
  3. Choose T and press Select.
  4. The adjustment mode is now on. Press Adjust to select the adjustment method (1-point or 2-point adjustment).