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When you switch on MI70 for the first time, configure the basic settings (time, date, language) as instructed below.
  1. Press the Power On/Off button.
  2. Press any of the arrow buttons and open the menu by pressing Open.
  3. Select Settings using the buttons and press .
  4. Select User interface and press .
  5. Select Language and press Set.
  6. Select the language using the buttons. Confirm the selection by pressing Select.
  7. If you want to set the date at this point, return to the Settings menu by pressing .

    The language can be selected also later. For instructions, see Selecting language.

  8. To change the date, select Date and press Set. Then change the date using the buttons. To confirm the selection, press Select. As a default, the date format is year-month-day. You can select from 2 other alternative formats.
  9. To change the time, select Time and press Set. Then change the time by using the arrow buttons. Confirm the selection by pressing OK. As a default, the time format is based on the 24-hour clock. If you want to use the 12-hour clock, select 12-hour clock and then press On.
  10. To return to the basic display, press Exit.