Calibrating and adjusting HMT310 series transmitters - HM70 - HMT310

HM70 User Guide

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Connecting HMT310 to HM70 (MI70 handheld indicator) requires Vaisala cable DRW216050SP (optional accessory). When you start to adjust HMT310 measurement with HM70, the adjustment mode must first be enabled by pressing the adjustment button inside the HMT310 enclosure.
Figure 1. HMT310 adjustment button location
You can use HM70 to adjust the following in HMT310:
  • Relative humidity (RH)
  • Temperature (T)
  • Pressure compensation value for humidity measurement (environment settings)
First carry out 1 ... 5. After 5, choose 1 of the alternative methods for completing the adjustment.
To start the adjustment:
  1. Connect HMT310 to MI70 with the DRW216050SP cable.
  2. Switch on the MI70 indicator.
  3. Press the adjustment button inside the HMT310 enclosure (see Figure 1) to start HMT310's adjustment mode. A notification about the adjustment mode is displayed on the MI70 screen.
  4. Press OK to enter the adjustment menu. The available adjustment options are displayed (RH or T). You can also view the date of the previous adjustment.
  5. Choose RH or T with the arrow buttons and press Select. If you selected RH, check the environment settings if necessary. If checking the environment settings is not necessary, press No. Complete the adjustment using 1 of the following alternative methods: