Measuring multiple parameters simultaneously - HM70

HM70 User Guide

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MI70 is a generic indicator that can be used with Vaisala interchangeable dew point (DM70 series), humidity (HM70 series), carbon dioxide (GM70 series), and moisture in oil (MM70 series) probes. Two different types of probes can be connected to MI70 simultaneously.

  1. Switch off the MI70 indicator.
  2. Connect the 2 probes to the connector ports (port I and II) on the bottom of the indicator.
  3. Switch on MI70.
  4. Check that the environment settings of the probes in port I and II are the same if you are taking measurements from the same condition. In this case, select Yes when MI70 prompts you to check the environment settings.
  5. When measuring humidity and CO2 simultaneously, you can use the HMP70 probe's temperature data to compensate the CO2 measurement.
    1. Select temperature (T) and press Set.
    2. MI70 asks if you want to link the measured T value to environment parameter: to link, press Link and then press Exit.
  6. The reading of the probe in port I is now displayed on the upper row(s) and the reading of the probe in port II on the lower row(s) of the MI70 display.
    Figure 1. Display example with carbon dioxide and temperature and humidity probes connected simultaneously