Turning sensor preheat ON/OFF - HM70

HM70 User Guide

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This procedure applies only to humidity probes HMP75B, HMP76B, and HMP77B.
  1. Open the menu by pressing Open.
  2. Select Functions and press .
  3. Select Sensor Preheat and press Start. Confirm by pressing Yes.
  4. Insert the probe to the process.
  5. Sensor preheating takes up to 4 minutes. During that time there are no readings on the display. A message appears every 15 seconds showing the time required to complete sensor preheating. The sensor preheat icon is shown on the upper left corner.
  6. When sensor preheating is complete, a message is shown and the basic display with readings returns.
  7. It may take a few minutes for the temperature reading to stabilize.
    You can create a shortcut to the sensor preheat function by setting a shortcut key to point to it. See Programming shortcut keys.