1-point adjustment of HMT310 using a calibrator - HM70 - HMT310

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This procedure is 1 of the alternative methods for completing the adjustment described in Calibrating and adjusting HMT310 series transmitters. The examples shown here are for RH calibration: the same steps apply to temperature calibrations when that parameter is selected instead of RH.

Usually it is recommended to make an adjustment in 2 reference conditions (2-point adjustment). When adjusting the transmitter in only 1 reference condition (1-point adjustment), make sure that the reference condition represents the measurement environment well. The MI70 indicator is used now only as a terminal for visualizing and setting the transmitter's RH reading.

To complete the adjustment:
  1. Place the transmitter into the reference condition.
  2. Press Adjust to continue adjusting.
  3. Select 1-point adjustment from the MI70 adjustment menu and press Select.
  4. Press Ready when the reading has stabilized in the reference condition. You can follow the stabilization from the graphical display by pressing Graph.
  5. Enter the correct reference value with the arrow buttons and press OK.
  6. Confirm the adjustment by pressing Yes. To cancel entering the adjustment, press No to return to adjustment mode display without making any changes.
  7. The adjustment is done. Press Back and Exit to return to the basic display.
  8. Switch off the MI70 and detach the connection cable.