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In the MI70 user interface, measurement parameters are referred to as quantities.

When an alarm is triggered, the indicator beeps and the display backlight blinks. The alarm is triggered when the measured value is not between the alarm limits, that is, the permitted area. The alarm level(s) can be set for only 1 parameter at a time.

  1. Open the menus by pressing Open.
  2. Select Functions and press .
  3. Select Alarm and press .
  4. Select Quantity and press Set to select the parameter.
  5. Select the parameter and press Select. Only 1 active parameter can be selected at a time. To change which parameters are active, go to Menu > Display > Quantities and units.
  6. Select the first limit and and press Set (if the alarm function is on, turn it off). Use the arrow buttons to set the alarm level. To select the sign for the alarm level, press the +/- button. To save the settings, press OK.
  7. Select the second limit and follow the instructions in 6. The alarm is triggered when either the upper or lower limit is exceeded.

    If you have only 1 limit, for example, if you want to detect if the humidity is rising above 50 %RH, set the upper limit to 50 %RH and the lower limit so low that it will never be reached (for example 0 %RH). With this configuration, HM70 alerts when %RH rises above 50 %RH.

  8. To activate the alarm and to return to the basic display, select Alarm On/Off and press On. The note icon ♫ appears in the upper left corner of the display.
  9. When the alarm level is reached, you can stop the alarm by pressing OK. To reactivate the alarm, press Yes. To discard the alarm, press No.
    The alarm does not work when the device is powered off.