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The status of the MI70 battery is shown by the battery icon in the upper left corner of the display. Possible statuses are listed in the following table.
Table 1. MI70 battery status indicator
Battery status indicator graphic Description
Battery status icon. The icon can show the following info:
  • 0 ... 8 bars, no animation:
    • batteries are in use, a charger is not connected
    • if a charger is connected: non-rechargeable batteries installed
    • if a charger is connected: waiting for the battery temperature to settle between 0 ... +40 °C (+32 ... +104 °F)
    • if a charger is connected and the icon remains at 8/8 bars: the battery is full
  • Animated battery status icon: battery is charging (or recovering after emptying out completely). The charging animation is shown also when the indicator is powered off.
  • Battery icon not present: batteries are not installed
An empty battery icon with an X over it means that the battery cannot be recharged and must be replaced. If the indicator is powered on, a notification about not being able to charge the battery is shown on the MI70 screen.

You can order replacement batteries from Vaisala (item code 26755).

To keep the rechargeable MI70 battery in good working condition, recharge MI70 monthly if the indicator is not in use.