Field checking and adjustment of HMT310 using a calibrated reference probe - HM70 - HMT310

HM70 User Guide

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This procedure is 1 of the alternative methods for completing the adjustment described in Calibrating and adjusting HMT310 series transmitters.
To complete the adjustment:
  1. Check that the HMP70 series probe and the HMT310 probe are located in matching conditions and wait until the readings have stabilized. If you are near the probes, do not breathe towards them.
  2. Press Adjust to continue adjusting.
  3. Choose To same as RHI/II from the MI70 adjustment menu and press Select. MI70 automatically recognizes the port to which the HMP70 series probe is connected.
  4. Confirm the adjustment by pressing Yes.
  5. The adjustment is done. Press Back and Exit to return to the basic display.
  6. Switch off MI70 and detach the calibration cable.