Basic measuring steps - HM70

HM70 User Guide

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Before measurements, ensure that the air pressure setting of HM70 is correct: see Setting actual pressure value and unit.
For information on starting to use the MI70 indicator, see MI70 first start-up settings.
  1. Connect the probe cable to the MI70 indicator's connector port.
  2. Switch the MI70 indicator on by pressing the Power On/Off button.
  3. If your probe includes the chemical purge option (available in HM70 series probe versions B), remember to carry out chemical purge regularly: see Chemical purge.
  4. In case there is a risk of condensation, use the optional preheat (HM70 series probe versions B) when installing the probe: see Sensor preheat (optional).
  5. Install the probe to the measuring position.
  6. The basic display opens. Let the measurement reading stabilize.
    CAUTION Handle the probe carefully. Strong impact or falling can damage the probe.
    If you need to disconnect the probe, first press the Power On/Off button to switch the indicator off. This ensures that all settings and data are saved properly.