Checking and adjusting HMP155 probes - HM70

HM70 User Guide

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Both the active output version and the passive output version (only RH displayed) of HMP155 can be checked with MI70.

In the active output version, you can calibrate relative humidity, temperature, and additional T-probe temperature. In the passive output version, you can calibrate and adjust only relative humidity.

Connecting HM70 to HMP155 requires the optional connection cable (Vaisala item code 221801). When you use HM70 with the HMP155 probe, HMP155 is powered through the MI70 indicator

  1. Connect HMP155 to MI70 with connection cable 221801.
  2. Switch MI70 on by pressing the power button and follow the instructions on the display.
    If you have the passive output version of HMP155, always hold down the ADJ button on the probe when you switch HMP155 on.
  3. Activate the adjustment mode by holding down the ADJ button on HMP155 until the message below appears on the MI70 display.
  4. Press OK to move on to the adjustment and select the parameter you want to adjust. The list of parameters displayed in the figure below varies according to the configuration of the HMP155 in use.
  5. Follow the instructions given on the display to finish the adjustment.