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Icons that inform you about the status of MI70 (for example, battery status and alarm notification) are shown on the upper left corner of the display. Multiple icons can be shown simultaneously.
Table 1. MI70 status icons
Icon Description
Battery status icon. The icon can show the following info:
  • 0 ... 8 bars, no animation:
    • batteries are in use, a charger is not connected
    • if a charger is connected: non-rechargeable batteries installed
    • if a charger is connected: waiting for the battery temperature to settle between 0 ... +40 °C (+32 ... +104 °F)
    • if a charger is connected and the icon remains at 8/8 bars: the battery is full
  • Animated battery status icon: battery is charging (or recovering after emptying out completely). The charging animation is shown also when the indicator is powered off.
  • Battery icon not present: batteries are not installed
The battery can no longer be charged and must be replaced.
Recording icon. Shows that the measurements are being recorded. The bar shows for how long the recording will continue (a set time limit or until the memory runs out). The recording icon and bar are shown also when the indicator is powered off.
Calibration reminder icon. Appears when a calibration reminder has been set to inform that a user-defined interval has passed and calibration is due.
Analog output icon. Shown when the analog output mode is in use.
PC connection icon. Shown when the indicator is connected to a PC with a cable.
Alarm icon. Shown when the measurement has reached a user-defined alarm limit.