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HM70 User Guide

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The following transmitters and probes can be calibrated by using HM70:
  • HMP60 and HMP110 series
  • HMDW110 series
  • HMW90 series
  • GMW90 series
  • HMD60 series
  • HMT120 and HMT130
  • HMT330 series
  • HMT310 series
  • PTU300 series
  • HMP155

When calibrating in the field, check and adjust a fixed transmitter's reading against a calibrated HMP70 series reference probe.

1- or 2-point calibrations can be done to most Vaisala industrial transmitters by using an MI70 indicator and Vaisala Humidity Calibrator HMK15.

For instructions on calibrating and adjusting HMP60/HMP110, HMDW110, HMW90, GMW90, and HMD60 series transmitters, see the respective User Guides, listed in Related manuals.