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AWS Client User Guide

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Figure 1. AWS Client main window. To open AWS Client, select Start > All Programs > Vaisala > AWS Client. AWS Client opens to the main window.

To close AWS Client, select File > Exit.

You can carry out most of the functions in AWS Client either by using the menu at the top of the window or by typing the respective command in the terminal window below the toolbar and pressing ENTER.

Table 1. Toolbar icons and functionsYou can access some of the functions also through the toolbar at the top of the window.
Icon Description

Opens the address book for selecting the weather station to connect to.

Closes the connection to the QML data logger.

Opens the service connection for issuing commands to the QML data logger.

Closes the service connection. The terminal window begins to show the messages and reports configured in the QML data logger.

Selects the new configuration (setup) file to upload and starts uploading.

Selects the data log files to download and starts downloading.

Copies the selected text from the terminal window to Windows Clipboard.

Clears the commands and responses in the terminal window.

Opens the Common Parameters window for editing and viewing the parameter values.

Opens the Static Parameters window for editing and viewing the parameter values.

Opens the Manual Sensors window for viewing and setting manual sensor measurements.

Displays information on the QML data logger to which the connection has been established.
You can have multiple instances of AWS Client open simultaneously. However, only the instance that was started first can save changes permanently. All subsequent instances run in read-only mode, and cannot change settings.