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The different station options are controlled by static parameters, which are grouped into parameter sets.

Depending on the weather station, the static parameters are either preinstalled on the QML data logger or you must create them in Lizard Setup Software.

All the parameters are automatically created on the QML data logger when the setup is uploaded.

Check that the parameter values represent the actual conditions at each station. If needed, change the value.

Do not change values that are not instructed to be changed in this manual or by Vaisala personnel. Take special care when updating the parameters over a remote connection, as incorrect values may cause you to lose the remote connection to the station.
  1. In AWS Client, select Settings > Parameters > Static.
  2. Open the General Settings parameter set.
  3. To change the value of a parameter, select the parameter and Edit.
  4. In Value, type the new value.
    If Save is grayed out, the value is invalid.
  5. To save the changes, select Save.
  6. To close the window, select Close.